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About Us:

Indigo Essentialz Skincare is a small black owned skincare company that started up in 2019. We are located in Houston, TX by way of Detroit, MI.

Overall Mission:

Here at Indigo Essentialz Skincare our mission is to deliver and provide our beauties with the best in skincare products every day.

Indigo Essentialz Skincare (IES) is dedicated to providing high quality, healthy and all-natural skincare products to our customers. All of our products are handmade and free of hazardous toxins that might be harmful to the skin. IES is here to assist you with most, if not all your skincare needs.

From the Owner:

"Hello all, my name is Shauntia Dismukes owner of Indigo Essentialz Skincare (IES) and I don't consider myself to be a herbalist but in early 2019 I decided to be more cautious of not only the things that I put in my body but also of the things that I put on my body. Toward the end of 2019 I decided to share my new found knowledge with the world through IES. Many of us aren't aware of the added harmful ingredients and chemicals that are put into our daily skincare products. At IES we us all natural products and essential oils. You wouldn't believe how natural products can relax your mind and body or give you a boost of energy. Not trying to promote right now but you'd have to try it for yourself. The benefits are endless!!"